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horses helping humans learn

Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is gaining mainstream acceptance around the world due to its undeniable impact on conscious human behaviour. Whether for corporate application with leaders or key teams or for personal development for kids, families or adults, our Four Legged Sages programmes can unlock your potential. Our Equine teachers coupled with trained human facilitators lead people to better illuminating insights about themselves and their life skills or corporate soft skills.

Four Legged Sages operates with only experienced facilitators, certified and trained under the same EAL system, with international governing body,

The EAL Network.


About Four Legged Sages

Four Legged Sages offers a unique, experiential learning approach that is non-judgemental and easily digestible - and a behavioural game-changer.


Working with horses on the ground, we use their honest & immediate feedback to offer people a living mirror of their actions & behaviours, enabling rapid self-learning through memorable, interactive experiences.


Just to be clear, our work is not about loving horses, it’s about accessing the best tools to impact interpersonal, life and leadership skills. Horses just happen to be a very effective vehicle to achieve this rapidly and with lasting impact.  Note – no riding is involved, it’s all on the ground with the horse.

We operate across Australia in all major cities.

Our Range of Services 

Whether it's corporate soft skills or personal life skills, we try to offer a range of sessions and formats to suit a wide range of people's needs.


With a mix of facilitators from different backgrounds and experiences, we currently offer help to corporates with leadership or teamwork soft skills, help to kids & families with crucial life skills, even help to women for gender-savvy understanding & insight for personal & professional success.  Shortly, we'll add not-for-profit/cause organisations to our mix, offering them life skills help from our equine sages.

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