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About Four Legged Sages

Four Legged Sages brings a unique experiential learning approach that is non-judgemental, easily digestible - and a behavioural game-changer.


Whether it's corporate soft skills in leadership, corporate soft skills in teamwork or personal life skills, working with horses on the ground, we use their honest & immediate feedback to offer participants a living mirror of their actions & behaviours, both conscious and subconscious, enabling rapid self-learning through memorable, interactive experiences.






Just to be clear, our work is not about loving horses, it’s about accessing the best tools to impact interpersonal, life and leadership skills. Horses just happen to be a very effective vehicle to achieve this rapidly and with lasting impact.  Note – no riding is involved, it’s all on the ground with the horse.

Four Legged Sages' services fall under the term, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), which has been gaining momentum and mainstream acceptance across the last decade or so due to its undeniable impact on conscious interpersonal skills and behaviour change.  Unlock your workforce, your kids or your own potential through equine teachings leading to faster, better illuminating insights about all important human interpersonal & colloboration skills.

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Linda McGregor, Founder of Four Legged Sages talks about the transformational teaching power of horses 
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About 15 years ago, I came across a number of articles about this technique gaining credibility and being used successfully in the States, Canada and parts of Europe including the UK, both with individuals and with corporates. At its core was the ability of horses to act as a mirror to allow people to see their own interpersonal behaviours and how it impacts those around them– both humans and horses.


At the time I was also training in natural horsemanship (learning how to horse-whisper better!) and being exposed to the incredible EQ and sensitivity that horses have to interpersonal dynamics, empathy and people’s energy.  


But it was an afternoon watching a failing riding lesson being conducted that I really saw the need to show people how their verbal and non-verbal behaviours send different and conflicting messages, resulting in confusing interpersonal relationships and outcomes. My behavioural science background, coupled with years of providing insights to the marketing industry about what makes people tick, were inspired and the idea for FOUR LEGGED SAGES was born.

The Four Legged Sages development process took nearly five years of planning, test-driving, more thinking, some re-working as well as training and certification with overseas experts but all added up to a brains-trust of knowledge and access to proven, researched methodology. That was the springboard I needed to launch, building on that solid base by adding my own horsemanship and behavioural insights expertise. The final test was taking the programme back to the same group of senior HR experts I'd started with years ago and asking them to road-test a session – and they were blown away by its impact and effectiveness.  They gave it a huge thumbs up and that’s when I really knew I’d cracked it and had something really game-changing for leadership and teamwork training.

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