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Staring the challenge of leadership in the face I Leadership Live day I Mar 20

There was a big, in-your-face challenge of True Leadership that awaited the leaders from Preacta Recruitment when they got hands-on in their full day session here at Dural. Despite being a sweetheart, our big horse Sage, Grace, (left) looks pretty intimidating when you first see her - our first lesson on assumptions about staff vs real insights from observing them.

After my demo with Grace, taking her as a surrogate "staffer" from distrustful to choosing to follow me of freewill, the various Preacta leaders stepped up and into our round yard with our various & varied personalities of horse Sages. The experience left them with a wealth of insights about both themselves and what True Leadership really is & requires of you.

Day done, they left excited about using their aha moments in the workplace,  with compliments for our Four Legged Sages' team such as, 

"probably one of the best experiences I've ever had!",

Click the link to access more details,

Four Legged Sages recognised for Outstandign Professional Services  I Mar 20

Thanks to the support of our clients and friends of Four Legged Sages we made it to the finals of the Local Business Awards.  First time entering this established community competition, we were blown away to we told we'd become a finalist in our category. Detailed judging of our business "worth" now starts - a business profile, KPI's success & explanation of plans to date/for the future. Then a first hand interview/inspection. We find out if we've won on 22 April at the finalist dinner.

Again, our sincere thanks to everyone who's come & experienced our horse Sages in action and voted to get us here. For all of you still considering the experience with us, what are you waiting for?  Call Linda now on 0403573379 and book whilst you still can.

Unleashing Brilliance podcast - Four Legged Sages' Founder Linda McGregor featured as daring to be different I Feb 20

Linda had the honour of being interviewed by Janine Garner, renowned entrepreneur, international speaker, author and networking guru for her hugely popular podcast. In each episode Janine talks with leaders, entrepreneurs and “other awesome people” to draw out lessons & insights about being your most brilliant, daring to be different. Linda talks about what drove her to create this unique training business - and we feature the interview about Leadership here in the hope it inspires readers/leaders to consider how to take the next step to being a leader who people CHOSE to lead, rather than are forced to follow due to your title. Listen to the 30 min chat here,

Come look see! I We host Funlocka at our Dural facilities I Feb 20

A busy February of hosting & interviews!  True to their brand, one of the most fun mornings was chatting with Funlocka's Founder Luke Cook about what we do, the importance of the horses to the success of the training approach and why they add such magic to the learning experience. Luke and Jill Covitz, the brand's Chief Experience Officer, were seduced at first sight by our horse Sages, especially our wonderful Ziggy. Click here to see part 1 & 2 videos of the talk between Luke, Linda and sometimes Ziggy on our YouTube channel

Part 1 video - (shown left)

Part 2 video -

Career Money Life blog about our leadership & teamwork services as part of their supplier community I Feb 20

In her blog, CEO, Sandy Hutchison, talked about horses serving as great teachers and personal development partners to build better corporate leaders and teams. In part, by providing people the opportunity to overcome their fear and build confidence; working with the big & powerful creatures that horses, attendees learn that that power can equate to gentleness too and giant insight experience. Her opening line; "If only we were more skilled at leading those around us" highlighted the benefits delivered during one of our leadership sessions. Click the link to access her blog,

Collaboration: we live what we coach I celebrating the various businesses we work with I Jan 20

Across the last 18 months Four Legged Sages has been growing its exposure and in no small way thanks to specialized collaborations with a list of top-notch providers - from resorts, event & experience experts through to Exec coaches. Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley, Career Money Life, Solterbeck Events, Tracey Ward & Co. and Funlocka have all been introducing their clients to our Leadership & Team-building offerings. In February this manifested in us working with Funlocka to raise funds to support the bushfire efforts, donating all proceeds from any of our leadership LIVE sessions in that month. Because we're all stronger and achieve more when we give and work together. Great initiative Funlocka during a trying time for all of Australia.

The confidence of leadership I 3 person Leadership Live morning I Jan 19

We started 2020 with  our highly popular 3 person hands-on Leadership LIVE sessions;  with Lou and Linda, an experienced C-suite marketer and an up & coming leader in the HR area. With our horse Sages offering a “living mirror” of feedback on our attendees’ actions, our delegates gained key insights about themselves, their interaction with others and their existing leadership skills. The discussion topic of the session was around CONFIDENCE, with both women talking about the powerful, personalised experiences around the essence & importance of confidence as a leader they had received from working with our horses . Whether over-confidence or under-confidence, faking it, establishing or re-establishing it - interaction with a horse as a partner and need for non-verbal communication strips you bare getting you to aha moments rapidly -  developing your leadership skills further. Click the link to access more details,

It's Ok to be anxious about being a leader I 3 person Leadership Live morning I Dec 19

In our last session of 2019, we looked at the daunting task of being a true leader. "Have'butterflies but make them fly information" was a memorable comment from one attendee that day, relating to your job as a leader to deal with your doubts and overcome them as, learning & practicing how to achieve this time & again, you become a better, more flexible and resilient leader. Like many who come to our sessions, Glen & Gavin admitted they had been both excited and anxious about working with our gentle giant teachers, our horse Sages. Fitting  that this feeling is part of our hands-on experience here as it mirrors how it can often feel being a leader.  Certainly if you’re a True Leader, one that’s always looking to learn & better themselves in order to deliver the very best to their people. The guys left with many insights ; about confidence,  the need to understand your staff audience and the importance of clear verbal & non-verbal communications. Click the link to access more details,

A team fit for Royalty I Princess Cruises team-building & leadership combined day I Nov 19

We had a fun-packed session late Nov., working with a open-minded, engaged and respectful bunch of team players - the customer service team from Princess Cruises. The all-female team came to our Dural facilities to test their team's strength; were they collaborative, empathetic, communicating clearly despite some remote working - and - did they have shared understanding of their goals? Given several were also team leaders  they also wanted to be exposed to new thinking about True Leadership, being chosen by staff as being worthy of following. A morning of team-building, a quick break for lunch, then an afternoon experiencing what it feels like what you earn the right to lead. A jam-packed agenda but  the participants’ feedback confirmed everyone had a day that was inspiring, thought-provoking and involved a lot of honest and open group discussion & then personal reflection on what it means to be a real leader. Click the link to access more details/photos of the day,

Being the "fairest" Leader you can be I 3 person Leadership Live I Nov 19

Like horses,  we look to have a strong but fair leader in both our lives and our workplace. In our events we look to create experiential learning spaces where attendees can test, explore, practice & evolve their leadership skills, 

Participants often blog about their sessions afterwards.  Here’s what a recent November session C-suiter, Kylie Green, had to say:

"Having worked with Linda on many occasions previously and sharing a passion for horses, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to participate in Linda's Four Legged Sages leadership training program. Despite having years of experience as a leader and a close relationship with horses, I found myself learning a great deal about myself as a leader and how we can learn a lot from horses in the unspoken word and body language. Being outdoors in the fresh air, in a small training group and working with incredible animals all made for an energetic, uplifting, challenging yet so rewarding experience. It has really made me realise the power of being a chosen leader! Linda's expert coaching, watchful eye, and encouraging nature were key in ensuring the learning was embedded. My horse Ziggy was a tough leader of his pack and made me work hard to earn his trust but overall was a delight to work with. I strongly recommend participating in this extraordinary leadership program if you are wanting to learn the power of listening, watching, coaching, developing and earning respect and trust from your team and more importantly being the chosen leader."

Custom-built round yard for our Leadership Live session at Dural is complete! I Oct 19 

It's taken a bit more time than expected but the wait was worth it. Specially designed & built to blend with the natural environment, our "experience" round yard is  located in a shady section of our head office facilities,  meaning during the hotter months our participants are cooler as they watch and worki with our horse Sages in the "ring".

Special thanks to the team of Chris Jones, Chris David, George Cascan and Marty McInerney for all the hours of work creating both a great space but also an environmentally friendly one using largely recycled or onsite sourced materials.

Learned Resilience I A damaged shoulder (from skiing) puts paid to Four Legged Sages LIVE sessions Sept & Oct 19 

Life never goes to plan and resilience is about learning to deal with those bumps in the road with flexibility bouncing back quickly & even better. This was what Four Legged Sages Founder, Linda, had to "live" across 2 of the normally busiest months in our calendar, Spring. So how did she adapt? By switching her focus to developing new sessions offerings, interviews & writing articles, including regular leadership & teamwork posts on Linked In. To see Linda's posts on Linked In, simply go to her Linda McGregor LI page by clicking this link and scrolling through the numerous articles,

Due to success & demand our 3 person Leadership LIVE format becomes a standard feature I Watching, Waiting & Walking the talk I Aug 19

An exec. coach, a successful entrepreneur and a Financial Services exec. director were our three delegates stepping into the “ring” to receive instant, frank insight into their style, its impact on staff behaviour and tendency to make staff want to follow them(or not). In our 2nd 3 person event, participants experienced being chosen as a leader, not appointed – by learning to listen to & process unbiased feedback from our horse Sages. They also learnt The Wait - having the patience to let people decide they want to listen to and then follow you. Throughout, we translated that feedback & what people were seeing, back into their workplace and leadership roles. Our participants left with a greater sense of what Leadership looks like and demands of you, a list of workplace actions and determined smiles. Click the link to access more details,

Our first 3 person Leadership LIVE morning I Experiencing Leadership up close and personal, thanks to our horses I Aug 19

In our first ever small scale LIVE session we were delighted to see familiar faces in the form of Nicole McInnes and Isabelle Frehner, both of whom attended our Sydney in-office Leadership Whisperer workshop in May - but wanted the hands-on experience. So too did newcomer, Randall March. After a skills awareness briefing, Linda demo'ed our 4 stages of True Leadership built on trust then each of our three leaders stepped into our round yard for a distilled masterclass with our horse teachers. Here participants saw themselves & their leadership skills in a new light, with instant, honest & unbiased feedback on their approach, energy projection and congruence  from their horse “staffer”. A huge success with our leaders walking away with new insight to take back into the workplace. Click the link to access more details,

"Miracles happened that day!” I Royal Rehab - team 3 in our team challenge I Jun 19

"Miracles happened that day!” is THE best compliment a trainer can get. Team transformations like that following a session shows your programme delivers benefit. Royal Rehab is a not-for-profit organisation dealing with brain & spinal recovery, requiring a tricky blend of factual/scientific, healing and care staff as well as organisational support staff, very different personalities & natural preferences all need to work together seamlessly to provide all the support aspects their patients need to regain health.  Across the event, people's awareness of each other’s strengths, skill sets & resulting respect grew, as did openness to listen and self-awareness - all translated back into the workplace for greater team success. Click the link to access more details,

Spark 44 ad agency  - team 2 in our team challenge I May 19

“Laughing while learning” was a comment that summed up this session for one of the 14 agency staffers who came along to a team-building morning in May. A great bunch of people who took away team soft skills such as respect of others skills/contributions, active listening, clear communications, empathy & trust. A great morning had by all – them, our 4 horse sages  and 3 human facilitators. Click the link to access more details 

Ashton Media event management - team 1 in our team challenge I May 19

Having had us present at their conference last year, the team took up our offer to review & hone their teamwork skills at our Sydney facilities.  Our horse sages were there to give unbiased, instant, honest feedback about people’s subconscious behaviours and their impacts on teams’ successes in the various arena challenges. Everyone commented on how much they saw people’s skills grow and develop across the morning including being clearer in communications and realising when & how  to lead vs when to listen. Translation of insights back into the workplace was the final element that made this a value-add experience all round. Click the link to access more details

2nd Sydney event due to demand | The Leadership Whisperer | A leadership workshop like no other I May 19

We had such rave reviews in Feb that Legends & Leaders (L&L) asked us to do it all again. Our re-run was just as successful as the first session. L&L Founder, Adrianne Nixon, posted a thank you note on LI - attendee comments like below left us proud of our growing impact on leaders:

"Liked the small group and the fact that there was time for discussion. I liked that the insights weren't too "obvious" and that we were given a chance to interpret in our own way"

"Loved it. Linda was so generous, warm, knowledgeable and insightful"

"Great/straight to the point and informative/practical learning and experience"

Watch this space for possible announcements about a session in the new FY and possibly a Melbourne event...

Vittoria Coffee - Exec team True Leadership talk offsite at the stunning Jonahs, Whale Beach |  I Apr 19

Following on swiftly from seeing our unique talk at the below Wolgan Valley resort conference, Chairman Les Schirato booked Linda to provide a thought starter experience for his business' Exec team of 6. It was truly a test of the power of our message and engagement, as, left, the photo shows just one of the views vying for the audience's attention! However, all members were intrigued throughout the session, citing the session are uniquely different and inspiring. The team attend a Leadership LIVE session within the next 12 months to further their understanding via our experiential event with live horses. 

YPO GOLD CEO weekend at Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley resort I Four Legged Sages leadership talk & hands-on session  | Apr 19

In the beautiful setting of Wolgan Valley we challenged some of Australia's top CEO's to re-think leadership and their own formulas for success.  A morning talk followed by afternoon outdoors with a live demo masterclass in  leadership soft skills. Lots of questions, reflection moments and aha insights for everyone, with the true stars our beautiful on-site horse sages, showing people their leadership styles through a new lens.

Little Black Dress Inner Circle learn live leadership lessons from our Four Legged Sages. Experiential session  | Apr 19

At jam-packed morning session here at our Sydney facilities, Janine Garner and her Inner Circle listened, discussed, watched, paused and reflected! After a leadership demo from our Founder, Linda McGregor, 3 of their group of 10 got up close & personal in the round yard for some hands-on coaching & feedback from our horse sages. Needless to say, big aha moments for everyone, between countless coffees, teas & cakes.  The following week, Janine gave us a huge thumbs -up in her weekly blog - click on this link to see what she had to say

Bauer Media descend on Dural for a day of leadership experiences like never before  | Mar 19

After months of planning we finally managed to align everyone's avails and treat the team to a full but fun packed day of self-assesssment, leadership thought-starters and hands-on sessions in the round yard with our wonderful horse sages. Linda was kept busy all day working with 4 different horses and 7 sales team leaders, given them each a taste of what it feels like to be chosen as someone's leader. 

Sold out event ! | The Leadership Whisperer | A leadership workshop like no other I Feb 19

A huge success for our first in-office general admission workshop.

Linda  discussed what true leadership looked like,  enabling the audience to reflect on their leadership approach, current or future. At the core was the question - what makes people choose to follow you?

Touching on congruent behaviour theory, Linda explained the horse-herd, human-team parallels, then used video clips revealing why unique lessons can be learnt from horses and whispering.

Horses helping humans learn