Four Legged Sages: Clients

Four Legged Sages clients vary widely, from big corporates and not-for-profit organisations through to individuals; adults, families, youth & kids. Here are just a few, with some rave reviews too.

The approach overwhelmingly made my people think and feel about themselves, their team behaviour, and then how those insights could translate back into our workplace. Every single course participant reported that they learned or honed a teamwork skill – and that was across key areas such as active listening, clear communication, trust, respect and even empathy.

Sharyn Craigie, Head of Customer Engagement, Asia Pacific, SAP Australia

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with delegates stating the morning talk was one of the most different and thought-provoking leadership talks they had seen. But it was the afternoon session that created a sensation, with people switching from their previously chosen activities to the FOUR LEGGED SAGES activity to witness the live demo & participation with horses.

Mark Abay, Director of Content,

 Agency Leaders Symposium

A couple of rave reviews

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Linda showed the delegates how to reassess and enhance their leadership skills in a very unique way.  Initially there were a few skeptics who thought "I’ve heard it all before”, but listening to Linda’s presentation and being part of the live demonstration with horses, everyone was reminded of the impact of congruent behaviour, our non-verbal communication skills and trust building as a way to achieving successful leadership. Hugely successful”.

Great pace, delivery , content

Dajana Badzim, 

Head Campaign & Digital Marketing,


Sophie Ward, 

Chapter Manager,

YPO Gold Sydney  

Really interesting take on leadership, Thanks.

Simon Gellibrand, 

National Customer Services Director, 


This is probably one of the most incredible lessons in leadership and connection that I have experienced. It reminded me that true connection, the building of trust between people, takes time and can also be lost very quickly. That leadership and connection require focused intentionality and patience.

Janine Garner

Founder, author, speaker, trainer

LBD Group

Really interesting and relevant. Great value for money, Really different but highly relevant session. I learnt something really valuable today

Linda’s FOUR LEGGED SAGES leadership session was nothing short of amazing! 

My senior management team came away with a new take on what true leadership is really about and are inspired to action their new learnings back in the workplace.

The key is the power of the horse experience. Having a horse, rather than a human, give you feedback on your style & behaviour is a unique & outstanding training tool that taught us new self-awareness especially the skill of matching our verbal and non-verbal communications to our staff.

I’d highly recommend this experience to anyone waiting to develop their leadership skills to the next level.

Karen Holmes,

NSW Sales Director,

Bauer Media

Linda and her team made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed around these beautiful animals, even people who had never been up close to a horse were transformed into "horse whisperers" by the end of the session. It was a great opportunity to learn new leadership and communication skills. I highly recommend Linda and Four Legged Sages.

Gavin Stewart

Marketing Director

Ashton Media 

Kylie Green


Kimberlin Education

Kylie Green


Kimberlin Education

Horses helping humans learn