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Four Legged Sages: Leadership talks or workshops  

We come to you - In office & at conference 30-60 min Leadership talks or 2 hour workshops
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In order to create an experience to allow people to participate and benefit from our horse Sages wisdom without coming to our Dural property, Linda has developed talk and workshops formats that allow her to bring the experience to you.


Touching on congruent/incongruent behaviour theory, Linda will explain how the horse-herd, human-team parallels reveal unique lessons about being a modern leader. She will take the audience through 4 Stages of Leadership built on trust, weaving together talk, explanation and insight with video clips of those stages being demo'ed, uniquely, through watching a horse whisperer work with a distant and distrustful horse.


These sessions are unlike any you will have ever seen before and challenge the audience to reflect on their leadership approach, current or future. Participants come away with several Aha moments, personal insights into being the type of leader they would choose to follow through experiencing thought-starters about the reality of what makes people choose to follow you.


Here's the type of feedback our sessions get:


"We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with delegates stating the morning talk was one of the most different and thought-provoking leadership talks they had seen."          

Mark Abay, Agency Leaders Symposium


"Feedback from the participants was excellent, with many of them ranking the session as their favourite of the course.  In addition, the Sydney & Melbourne Agency Chairs commented on the freshness of her approach and its impact.  The students found the combination of Linda’s talk, the video footage and participation well paced and inspirational with practical takeaways."

Jane Mathews,  Communications Council 3 day IPA Business & Agency Leadership 


“Linda was engaging and beautifully tied concepts to real life.”     

Marla Minnow, OzHarvest

“Brought unique perspective to a part of leadership that doesn’t get much airtime. Facilitated discussion well and answered questions well”       

Daniel Kim, Redback Conferencing


“Great pace, delivery, content."       

Dajana Badzim, HSBC


“Analogy with horses was very unique and a good way to visualise moving forward.”     

Florence Douyere

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