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ARCHIVE: News & Events 2018 and before

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 School Holiday Fun | Life skills - with horses as the teachers |  Dec 18 

Our youngest ever team of participants, dubbed The Sage-ettes, saw kids experiencing a unique opportunity during their school holidays that was fun and lessons with horse teachers, Peanut and Ziggy.

After some great learning about teamwork, trust, relationship building, confidence and leadership, we had some creative play making our own horses! Then a team game racing our new hobby horses and answering questions from the teaching session.
All adding up to a bunch of happy and tired kids and horses!

Four Legged Sages leadership keynote & hands-on session at Hunter Valley invitation-only conference | Sept 2018

A very rewarding couple of days appearing uniquely in a double header at the famous, Agency Leaders Symposium this month, in front of 150 of Australia's top agency shapers a.m. then a more intimate group p.m., for a breakout masterclass in live leadership soft skills. Of course the true stars were our 500kg horse sages, teaching people new lessons by challenging them to examine their current leadership styles through a new lens.

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The transformational teaching power of horses when it comes to teamwork and leadership skills | Inspiring Rare Birds post | Aug 2018

Linda was interviewed by event organisers, Rare Birds, about the impact of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) on the Corporate training world and her personal mission to bring a unique, quality offering to the Australian market. Covering her journey to the point of developing & launching Four Legged Sages, Linda talks about the type of clients turning to this experience to improve their workplaces and about how horses do a superior job at teaching us humans! For more >>

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Four Legged Sages - the product of my 2 passions, understanding what makes people tick and revealing the EQ wisdom of horses | Femeconomy post | July 2018

A training programme cutting through traditional training apathy and responses of “been there, done that” was the opener to this interview of our Founder, Linda. She explained how horses take people out of their comfort zone opening them up to new experiences. Equine instant feedback fast-tracks teams’ and leaders’ learning moments,  helping them gain more aha insight about self-behaviour and its impact on others in a day than in a year of conventional training and job experience. Aided by our certified facilitators, the lessons being learnt on the ground with the horses amidst the laughter are translated into effective workplace applications via debrief and reflection sessions.

How true leaders learn to whisper | Article for Legends & Leaders | July 2018

As someone who trains leadership skills development and speaks at conferences on the topic, I’m often asked what true leadership looks like. My answer is nearly always the same – it’s not what it looks like, rather it’s about what makes someone want to follow you – and your vision. In over 30 years in business, I’ve been exposed to and exposed others to many attempts at leadership. Here I got to talk about having the privilege of helping people witness the foundation stone of effective & lasting leadership, trust, being built and earned. All with the help of a horse. Yes, a horse (not a type-o) – and why this equine intervention works for human leadership.

Working with Beautiful 4 Legged Sages | by Bronwyn Edwards | June 2018

In this article,  HR consultant, Bronwyn, talks about her chance to assess the growing trend towards using horses to train teamwork and leadership soft skills (Equine Assisted Learning). Admitting to being cynical about it all, she confesses that 90 minutes later she was a devotee!

Simply being outside her comfort zone was enough to have her admit to making rookie mistakes in communication, listening, leadership and empathy skills. But on leaving,  Bronwyn was re-inspired and re-aware of the ability to build trust quickly with others and also to create a place where others can trust her too.

As were her fellow "test-drivers", all equally experienced organisational change space operators - all equally humbled at how much our gentle giants, or Four Legged Sages, have to teach us about how us humans can’t always manage to teach each other because our own baggage gets in the way.

The Whisper- with Linda McGregor | Marketing Matters blog | July 2017

After presenting to The University of Sydney's Master of Marketing students as a guest lecturer and speaking at the Master of Marketing Reception, Linda shared some thoughts with Marketing Matters, a blog by current University of Sydney Master of Marketing students, on distilling audience insights to create strategies that can foster brand love.


Click here to read the full post...

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Can you whisper your way to brand love? | University of Sydney Business School, Masters of Marketing program | July 2017

Founder, Linda McGregor, delivered a keynote on whispering to the student and staff body at the recent Masters of Marketing reception at the University of Sydney Business School. Whispering?? Yes, but not how you think.

The talk covered how true marketers translate research inputs about their target audiences into deep insight about their behaviour & how to influence it, to build the bridge between consumer need and brand offer and achieve the lofty, lucrative goal of BRAND LOVE. She inspired new thinking about achieving that goal, by using horses & Horse Whisperers. An apparently different craft, she demonstrated that whisperers too are masters of distilling insight, changing behaviour & creating bonds of trust - and in fact might have some lessons to teach us as marketers.

How true leaders learn to whisper | The Communications Council | July 2017

Praise for Eve insight initiative, Four Legged Sages, continued, with Linda being asked by industry body, The Communications Council, to run an inspirational opening workshop at their IPA Leadership courses in Sydney and Melbourne across July and August. Talking to future agency leaders, she provided a catalyst to enable participants to review their past, present, and future ideas about true leadership. She provided a unique interactive masterclass in leadership based on trust, demonstrating moving an audience from distrust to choosing a leader. The key? Using footage of horse whispering in progress to show lessons that the equine world can teach would-be leaders about the craft of both leading and being followed. Delegates were blow away, even brought close to tears by some of the AHA moments the session brought.

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Are Horse Whisperers better masters of audience insight than you? | Battle of Big Thinking, Vivid Ideas, at Vivid Sydney | June 2017

Combining her passions in life - audience insights and horses - Linda McGregor explored the ways horse whisperers can help brands gain insights into the conscious and subconscious mindsets of their target audiences, and how to approach campaign crafting to inspire trust and build brand love.


The event, organised by the Communications Council, saw 9 industry heavyweights to push the boundaries of conventional thinking in the advertising and PR world.

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