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Four Legged Sages:

Leadership live   

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Experience firsthand an audience moving from distant and distrustful to choosing to listen and have you as the leader 

As either the compliment to our talk/workshop session, or as a standalone experience, Four Legged Sages offers you the chance to see it all happen live, in a distilled masterclass of leadership built on trust. 


We'll move you past the theory to realising the reality of True leadership with our 4 Stages of Leadership built on trust, resulting people choose to follow you of their own free will.


Either at our facilities in Dural, 40 minutes from Sydney or across Australia in major cities, this is an up close and personal experience that leaves people will a lasting impact.

These sessions are unlike any you will have ever seen before and challenge the participants to reflect on their leadership approach, current or future. Participants come away with several Aha moments, personal insights into being the type of leader they would choose to follow through experiencing thought-starters about the reality of what makes people choose to follow you.

We offer both half day and full day sessions depending on your needs



Here's what people say about our

live leadership sessions: 




"What an amazing experience. Linda is fantastic for any leader and or leadership team to undertake her Four Legged Sages program. I absolutely loved it. This session had it all. Logic, emotion, strategy. A great way to rethink how you lead".

James Stevens, CEO at Mr Roses, former owner Roses only



This is probably one of the most incredible lessons in leadership and connection that I have experienced. It reminded me that true connection, the building of trust between people, takes time and can also be lost very quickly. That leadership and connection require focused intentionality and patience." 


Janine Garner, Founder, LBD Group


"Linda’s FOUR LEGGED SAGES leadership session was nothing short of amazing! 

My senior management team came away with a new take on what true leadership is really about and are inspired to action their new learnings back in the workplace.

The key is the power of the horse experience. Having a horse rather than a human, give you feedback on your style & behaviour is a unique & outstanding training tool that taught us new self-awareness especially the skill of matching our verbal and non-verbal communications to our staff.

I’d highly recommend this experience to anyone waiting to develop their leadership skills to the next level".

 Karen Holmes, Sales Director, Bauer Media



"So great to meet you yesterday, Linda. Our morning together has shifted my perspective (in a very good way!) in how we can be more effective leaders. So many insights. Thank you"   


Dr Jenny Brockis, Specialist in high performance thinking, Brain Fit

Contact Linda on 0403 573 379 to book your Leadership live session today
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