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Four Legged Sages: Corporate 

In office & at conference 30-60 min Leadership talks or 2 hour workshops
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In a video interactive session unlike any you will have ever seen before, Founder, Linda McGregor, aims not to just discuss leadership but to enable you to reflect on your own leadership approach, current or future. To get to the reality of what makes people choose to follow you. 

Whilst witnessing a distilled masterclass in leadership; taking a target from distrust & distance to choosing to follow a leader, she’ll challenge you to consider the type of leader you want to be, asking you a series of specific questions throughout the session. All the while instilling insight around the soft skills required to be a true leader, not just a title.

Touching on congruent behaviour theory, Linda will explain how the horse-herd, human-team parallels reveal unique lessons about being a leader.

Hands-on, live Leadership sessions with horses

Horses don’t use words, forcing leaders to observe, listen then talk in their audience’s language, placing participants in a unique learning space. Our morning session empowers people to see their current leadership behaviour firsthand. We then debrief with expert business facilitators coaching lessons learnt from our equine sages, allowing participants to translate the horse-taught skills into the more complex, human interactions in the workplace.

A distilled leadership masterclass forms our afternoon component, demonstrating firsthand the experience of being chosen freely as someone’s leader. Then allows each participant in turn to practice the art.

Note no riding is involved, all work is on the ground with horses and all sessions are fully monitored for safety.

Hands-on, live Teamwork sessions with horses

Herds are to horses as teams are to humans so it’s apt for our Four Legged Sages to teach the inherent skill of respecting your place in the team and other members’ contribution to success. Our ground exercises with horses don’t use conventional challenges, thus forcing conscious team thinking and acting. Using the instant, truthful feedback horses give, people quickly see both their current team behaviour and any needed change, creating self-learning, fast-tracking impact.

Our half day session blends arena time with our horses with debriefing led by experienced facilitators, so participants can apply the horse-taught skills back into real workplace scenarios. Topped off with reflection time to allow people to digest their personal aha moments, the full morning offer lessons in self-awareness, creates consciousness of the necessity of others’ contributions to achieve success and realisation that only an interdependent team will survive and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Authentic, effective women in leadership

As acceptance of the $ value of Gender Diversity grows, awareness of the different skill sets women bring to leadership increases. However, many females find themselves over-exposed to old-fashioned "power" models of leading.

Here, using our founder's acknowledged expertise around women, we offer a programme to explore authentic female strengths whilst examining sub-conscious barriers, both personal and in the workplace. An adaption of our standard full day leadership session,  we again use the EI of horses but combine with relevant gender psychology & neuroscience insight this time, to empower female delegates to see & tap their inherent female soft skills to become real leaders of choice.

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