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Four Legged Sages:

Female focused sessions

Embrace and love the real you (Individuals services)
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Social acceptance & expectation manifest demands of women and stresses for them. Let us help you develop your internal confidence and be the real you.

In a half day or full day session, women from all walks of life examine the same questions; who is the real me, how do I have the confidence to achieve my goals, what are my real goals... the list goes on.

Often what is seen as assertive for one gender can be deemed aggressive for another. So, Founder Linda McGregor taps into both sides of her expertise, insights around women, their traits & their preferences and understanding how horses can help us see ourselves as others see us then decide if this is "the real us".

No horse experience is necessary nor will the course involve any riding.  All work with our horse sages is on the ground, under supervision, with certified female facilitators present at all times to help participants achieve aha moments of insight about their current and future selves.

Sessions involve time in the arena working other female participants and horses as teams. Followed by led debrief sessions over morning or afternoon "tea" where participants will examine observations from their arena sessions with their team members then have suitable time to discuss possible learnings, feelings experienced. The wrap up will be personal time to explore and capture on paper (or record on smart phones) the revelations discovered during the course, their impacts on personal decisions going forward and write down a personal action plan.  All led by careful crafted thought-starters through your time with FOUR LEGGED SAGES.

Authentic, effective women in leadership (under Corporate services)

As acceptance of the $ value of Gender Diversity grows, awareness of the different skill sets women bring to leadership increases. However, many females find themselves over-exposed to old-fashioned "power" models of leading.

Here, using our founder's acknowledged expertise around women, we offer a programme to explore authentic female strengths whilst examining sub-conscious barriers, both personal and in the workplace. An adaption of our standard full day leadership session,  we again use the EI of horses but combine with relevant gender psychology & neuroscience insight this time, to empower female delegates to see & tap their inherent female soft skills to become real leaders of choice.

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