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Bio: Founder of Four Legged Sages,

Linda McGregor

Linda has spent her career working all sides; marketing, advertising, strategy and business development. With over 30 years’ experience; client and agency sides in the UK, Asia & Australia, then, in 2003, founding leading insight consultancy, All About Eve, she has wide expertise of creating & leading teams & businesses in a variety of set-ups, markets & categories.

In senior management positions in global corporates, then with her own consultancy, Linda has been responsible for leadership, business development and staff development. She understands the need for vision and planning,  coupled with successful communication & implementation throughout the organisation.

Her twin passions in life – her work delivered ‘aha’ insights about people, and her long-time hobby around horses, inspired her teamwork & leadership training offshoot, Four Legged Sages.  Here she blends threefold - social and neuroscience insight, her own leadership & teamwork expertise, the unique wisdom from horse-herd dynamics &  “horse whispering”.


Creating experiences to challenge and inspire us all. In business as effective team members, as successful leaders. In life as more confident individuals, young and old, as better communicators, as more cohesive families and as more empathetic people in general.  All thanks to unique teachings from our gentle giants, Four Legged Sages.

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