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Four Legged Sags:

Kids & Youth, Families

Horses are known to be exceptional teachers when it comes to leadership and communication. Why? Because they won’t do anything for you unless they feel trust and respect, and are given clear directions.
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Kids & Youth life skills programmes

Whether it's during term time & school hours or as a part of school holiday breaks, we have a range of sessions designed to help kids from 8 years upwards experience and develop essential life skills such as leadership, trust, teamwork and communication - from our 500 kg horse teachers!

In our programmes of Equine Assisted Learning participants learn to:

  • Improve communication skills

  • Accept responsibility and accountability

  • Value trust, respect and integrity

  • Overcome barriers

  • Find opportunities in working together

Please note that there is NO riding involved. We work together with our horse teachers from the ground in all our programmes.

for example ... school holiday camps

Each school break we normally run half or full day programmes that offer an introduction Equine Assisted Learning, often accompanied by basic Horsemanship or a fun, creative arts session linked to the acquired learning with the horses.  Surrounded by nature and its peaceful energy at our Dural facilities, we operate ground based sessions (no riding) for 8-16 year olds, with a maximum of 12 participants. 

No horse experience is needed as our horse sages will gently lead their charges through lessons in confidence, interpersonal & general life skills

 Contact Linda on 0403 573 379 for upcoming dates & sessions outlines

Parent/child or family sessions 
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Choose one or several sessions (around 2 hours per session) of Equine Assisted Learning, designed to suit your individual needs.

For 2-12 participants, these programmes can be tailored to offer services to meet your particular demand. A perfect way to build family bonds or just get a deeper understanding about each other. For example, a private bonding session for a mum and her daughter or a series of family session for parents and their children.

Such sessions have been particularly successful and appreciated by teenagers and their parents.

Note ground based (no riding), with no horse knowledge or experience needed.

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