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Four Legged Sages - Services that meet your needs

Corporate training - Leadership or teamwork soft skills

Whether you're after a short workshop at your office, a speaker at your conference or a full day engaging hands-on leadership session with live horses, we have the ability to offer unique programmes to provide a thought-starter for leaders both established and emerging. 

On the teamwork front, whether you're looking to establish a new team, form stronger bonds within an existing team, or extend your teams to include key client members, our half day sessions challenge participants to think differently about being a team.

Kids, Youth or Families life skills
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Learn about true relationship building, trust, teamwork and communication from our gentle 500 kg horse teachers! Through our Equine Assisted Learning, participants learn to improve relevant skills such as interpersonal & communication skills, accept responsibility & accountability, understand the importance of trust & respect and much more.  We work together with our horse teachers from the ground in all our programmes.

Female focused Leadership or life skills

Companies are learning that women bring diversity to leadership styles. However, many females find themselves overexposed to old-fashioned power models of leading. Here, using our founder's acknowledged expertise around women, we've developed a session to uncover authentic female strengths whilst addressing workplace sub-conscious barriers.

Not-for-profit or Cause skills services

Currently under development 

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